About Our Products and How We Source

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. We have an official "About Us" area at the bottom of our home page but we wanted to use this space to let you know how we source our products. 

All Authentic Vintage Items are curated by Tonya, personally. She takes great pride in curating vintage clothing, traveling the country, going to estate sales, and auctions. You can be assured that she only purchases authentic vintage items that are in excellent used condition.

We do offer a few items that will drop ship to you directly from the maker of those items. Specifically the vegan health care and candles, and a few of the items in our "everything else in the attic" section such as kitschy decor and home decor. Most of these items Tonya sources directly from the individual, so those items are mostly hand made, they make a little additional time to arrive to you but rest assured that they are made in the USA by hand and will arrive to you in a timely manner after production.

There are also items on our site that will drop ship to you from the supplier of the item itself. We attempt to only purchase items to drop ship to you from the United States, though they may be produced in foreign countries such as Bangladesh, or China, we only source these items from their American manufacturers so nothing will drop ship to you from China or India directly.

There are items on our site that are print on demand, made in the USA, and when you purchase they print it on demand, saving time, space, and clothing resources. Print on demand is economic, and earth friendly. Those items will get to you within a week or two but will require extra shipping time because they are printed on demand of product, just like ordering take out, they have to make your product when you order, then it will be delivered. 

There are also items on our store that we cannot ship internationally, but we will denote that on the product page. 

If you have any questions at all about any of the products on our site, how we source our products, materials, fit, etc. please feel free to reach out to us, at anytime, we are always happy to help. help@thenomadicattic.com

Privacy Policy

We will not use your address, or contact information for anything other than communicating with you about your order, following up with you about your order, or for anything legal that we're requested to report such as taxes etc. Please note that we take your privacy very seriously. We adore our customers, you are our bread and butter, and we will always treat you with the utmost respect. 


Tonya and Keith

Owners, The Nomadic Attic