Vintage Clothing Information: Sizing, Care, Etc.

Vintage Clothes are awesome! Reducing and reusing and re-purposing clothing has always been a passion of mine as I seek to be the most sustainable friendly person that I can be but buying vintage clothes does have it's quirks. We want to make sure that you understand the sizing of vintage clothing so that you can make the most informed purchase and be happy. Please take a look at the guidelines below and please ask us any questions before purchasing. We have no problem giving you any measurements that you may want, armpit to armpit, inseam, arm length, whatever you may need to make sure that you get a garment that feels as good on you as it looks!

First, take your own measurements so that you know how to shop for Vintage clothing, here's a simple guide on how to do that:

Bust: Use a sewing measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust (with bra on!). 

Waist: Measure the smallest part of your natural waist line. This will probably be about one inch above your belly button. 

Hips: Stand with your feet close together! Measure the fullest part of your hips.  

Second, note that a size 10 in 1930 is not the same size 10 today. So taking measurements is crucial, and we attempt to state what size in today's standards that we think the garment will fit. So don't pay any attention to what the tag says so much in a Vintage garment, try it on (if you're shopping offline) and take your measurements so you'll know how to shop online.

Third, visit this site for AMAZING Vintage Sizing and Measuring Tips:

Fourth, make sure to ask questions! Ask us questions! Ask us for measurements! Ask us anything you'd like, we want to make sure you're happy.

Some Vintage Care Tips

  • Store your vintage clothing in dry spaces. Away from sunlight and humidity. Do not store your vintage clothes in plastic garment bags etc. these items need to breathe.
  • Washing your vintage clothes: NEVER wash pre-1960's clothing, EVER! It will ruin the delicate fibers of the clothing. I steam clean and spot steam clean all the Vintage clothes that I sell unless they are silk or embroidered. Never wash those items, ever, you will ruin them. Air dry all vintage clothing, vintage clothing needs breathing space.
  • When hanging your vintage clothes up please use plastic or wooden hangers, metal ones can leave rust etc.

Enjoy your new purchase and please send pictures to us after you receive your item so that we can see how much you enjoy it!

Peace and Love